Successfully Relocating a Community: How We Supported a Healthcare Software Company’s Migration to a New Advocacy Platform

November 16, 2023

A medical software provider was facing challenges with its outdated advocacy technology and partnered with Advocacy Maven to implement a more powerful, intuitive, interoperable, and automated system.

Through strategic planning, customized system design, and hands-on support throughout the deployment, we empowered the company to successfully launch a thriving new advocacy hub, boosting member engagement, sales efficiency, and product management. Notwithstanding an extremely tight time window, limited advocacy knowledge on the customer’s side, and a host of technical challenges, we were able to deliver the project one week ahead of schedule, resulting in the highest praise from the customer.

Our customer is a provider of urgent care software solutions to emergency clinics and healthcare providers. The company’s suite of applications and related services are designed to solve the specific challenges of rapid healthcare delivery, connect patients with providers, and take the complexity out of delivering on-demand medical care.

Revolutionizing the advocacy program: recognizing system limitations.

Our customer had begun an advocacy program to boost its software product sales, with the intention of empowering its product champions to engage with the brand and showcase their experiences. However, the technology platform the company had started with only had limited functionality: it lacked key integrations with the organization’s widely used Salesforce software, had little scope for gamification techniques, and provided no automation for core processes such as reference management.

The company had been able to recruit 150 advocates into the program but was struggling to create content and maintain member engagement using the outmoded technology hub, which was also hindering the program’s growth. At this point, our customer decided to replace its extant advocacy software with a more powerful and flexible system.

A decision for change to a robust and flexible solution.

The organization selected an advocacy platform with comprehensive member management features, interoperability with Salesforce, as well as capabilities to automate customer references. The chosen system also had robust gamification processes, which would solidify and expand the company’s popular practice of rewarding its members with points for completing advocacy challenges.

Our customer needed to ensure a smooth transition to the new advocacy hub and revisit its program strategy to maximize its effectiveness. Time was of the essence, as its old platform would soon be deactivated. To drive the technical and non-technical changes it wanted to achieve with its advocacy program, our client—the provider of the new advocacy hub—turned to Advocacy Maven because of our deep subject matter expertise and experience in relocating customers on the engagement platform.

Crafting a comprehensive strategy by aligning goals and needs.

Our team of advocacy experts first set up a series of strategy sessions with the customer’s marketing team to assess their needs and objectives for the new advocacy program. The organization’s main goal was to be able to source and engage with referenceable customers, and to encourage them to participate in sales meetings which would help accelerate deals with new prospects.

The company wanted to use the member management capabilities provided by the new platform to better understand their target audience—and to learn how, when, and where members are engaging with the program. It also wanted to develop gamification techniques to ensure its advocates were being recognized for their efforts and contributions.

The organization’s overall vision was to build its community, expand advocacy, as well as develop and execute a programmatic post-sale engagement journey aligned to the customer journey, and create customers for life.

Navigating challenges: project expectations, advocacy program design, manager buy-in.

From day one, we used our profound project experience to help manage customer expectations, for example identifying and addressing potential stumbling blocks such as IT, legal, and program design issues.

In multiple in-depth strategy meetings, we supported our customer in refining its advocacy program to meet its business goals. We discovered and categorized its target personas—clinic administrators and urgent care operations managers rather than doctors or nurses. We identified the most appropriate content types and communication channels and helped develop the program’s value proposition. We also offered valuable advice to ensure the creation of compelling member experience.

Throughout the strategy creation process, we consulted with all customer stakeholders and highlighted the need for senior managers to be fully on board and actively engaged with the project to ensure a successful transition. This was a painstaking but vitally important step: executive buy-in was traditionally hard to come by in the company, and yet the new platform needed to be launched before the contract on the old system expired—just six weeks away.

Relocating a community to a new advocacy platform

Advocacy program implementation: driving content and communication processes, overcoming technical hurdles.

After obtaining firm commitments from the customer, we progressed to the critical implementation phase. The company’s IT manager had agreed to act as the main sponsor for the project, which was to prove decisive in raising the profile of the advocacy program among the leadership team. It would also be key to ensuring the right connectivity between Salesforce and the advocacy tool, as the company aimed to enhance automation in its sales processes.

To increase member engagement, it was crucial for the software company to revamp its content generation capabilities. Additionally, a strong communications drive would be essential for recruiting new advocates, and also for ensuring that its current advocates would accept the revised program and adopt the new platform smoothly.

Our advocacy specialists invested significant effort in supporting the customer’s hub administrator—who needed frequent hands-on support to get up to speed with the platform’s intricacies—to develop a range of compelling content, including case studies, customer stories, testimonials, videos, and short-form references. Due to the administrator’s limited experience with advocacy, our team went the extra mile by creating sample content in various forms, which the organization then used directly in the program. We also helped the customer to build and execute individualized marketing communication campaigns—for both prospects and active members—which would ensure the largest uptake of the new advocacy program and system.

Close-knit support drives timely program launch.

Against increasing time pressure, we liaised effectively with the customer, the technology provider, and Salesforce support teams—escalating issues where necessary—to iron out all the technical glitches and ensure seamless integration. We also offered continual guidance to the administrator, and presented various support articles, to boost their overall technical skillsets and specific system knowledge.

Our advocacy experts stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the customer throughout the entire program implementation—from building and launching the platform to ensuring all advocates and prospects received the right communications through the right channels at the right time.

The program successfully launched a full week ahead of schedule.

Counting the successes: post-launch results.

With its new advocacy technology deployed and integrated, and its previous community members transferred to the new engagement platform, our customer has revolutionized its advocacy program, turning it into a thriving hub of activity and a powerful sales driver.

Using compelling content targeted towards specific personas, the organization is now able to foster continued engagement with its members and build strong customer relationships with its urgent care software products.

Reference processes are automated and fully intertwined with the company’s sales cycle, enabling the organization to better track its sales opportunities. Advocates can more easily promote the brand by documenting their experiences directly in the hub and are encouraged to increase their activity through gamification methods as well as an attractive rewards program. This has significantly increased sales efficiency, as greater numbers of community members are now participating in sales meetings to endorse the company’s products to prospective customers.

Product management has also been enhanced because more members are sharing scalable feedback on the discussion board and at beta testing events—while also providing persuasive quotes to accompany new software product launches.

By choosing to work with Advocacy Maven, our customer achieved all its main objectives and exceeded its expectations. It now can source highly referenceable customers and is well on track to reach its goal of doubling its community membership within the first year.

Our customer was highly impressed with the results of its new advocacy program, insisting that it would not have been possible without us. Our team members received glowing praise from the company’s administrator for their dedication, expertise, and exceptional support, and were also mentioned by name in a rave public review on G2 Crowd.