recruit customer advocates for video testimonials

Resources Guidelines – Crowd-sourced Video Testimonials

Transform your advocate community into a powerful video creation task force

Video testimonials help put a face to a brand’s customer base, making these reviews relatable. They provide visual cues that evoke emotions that text intensive content can only dream of.

But videos are a lot of effort. It takes a team of professionals to produce them. Copywriters to write a script, directors to design a storyboard and advise the speaker, project managers to arrange for the best time and location, video producers shoot the segment and edit it, content managers to finally publish the video.

It’s time we leverage our very smart phones to change that!

Imagine how different customer advocacy could be if your customers actively created content for it.

Collaborate with your customers around the world and create videos together


Direct, collect and curate their submissions in the cloud, get notified when footage is uploaded


Invite advocates to capture and upload their testimonials, scenes from their business life, and their environment 


Easily edit the content by adding brand and transition elements, or adding music and captions

Help your customers film inspirational testimonials:

A relatively new marketing content concept—but quickly becoming a trend—user-generated video is video produced by a non-professional, typically with their smartphone. Such as a quick message from a customer expressing their happiness with a brand, its products, or services.

Send these guidelines to your advocates to help them produce videos.

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