Help your fans build a world-class personal brand and take their career to the next level

Professionals often perceive customer references as something that only benefits the vendor or service provider. Advocacy program participation or content consent is seen as a favor they trade to their provider in exchange for discounts, access to execs, influence over product, invitations to exclusive events, or advanced support. 

Change that perception and drive customer first advocacy programs. Programs that really support customer advocates in their career growth. Programs that empower them to develop their brand, to become speakers, thought leaders and influencers. Programs that inspire advocates and attract their participation. 

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Be proactive in developing the brand of your advocates. It will positively reflect back on yours.

Drop the swag. Give meaningful rewards if you expect meaningful customer engagement.


We provide a voucher graphic in your brand colors and descriptions that explain the benefits of the coaching sessions to advocates.


Use this to reward advocates or develop those who you would like to see on the stage of your top events or in awesome stories.


We promptly get in touch to help them boost their brand and career, teaching them how to leverage your content and events for exposure.

What's in it for them?

  • Two one-hour personal brand consulting sessions
  • We review their professional experience and define a unique value proposition to put forward in resume
  • We help them clearly articulate who they are, what goals they have and what they can deliver to employers
  • We empower them to choose the right topics to blog about as well as the right case studies, videos, networking events and speaking engagements to participate in
  • We give their LinkedIn profile a career-boosting makeover

What's in it for you?

  • Advocates that credit you for their career progress
  • More insight into the goals and needs of your fans
  • Motivated hand raisers for your content and events

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