remote video testimonials the new normal in customer advocacy

Resources eBook: Producing Remote Video Testimonials

Remote Video Testimonials Are Authentic and Effective

But many brands are holding off on creating this type of content because they fear the quality of the production will not live up to the exigencies of the brand guidelines. Download this guide to find out why remote video testimonials are the new normal of customer advocacy, saving us valuable marketing dollars, helping us relate better with our audience, and turning fans into rockstars.

Boost Video Production for Your Customer Advocacy Marketing Program with Remote Interviews


Jump with your customer in a conference call. They can use their mobile for filming while you guide them and ask the interview questions


Share a cloud folder with your customers so they can upload the footage and add any b-roll they have. E.g. drone filming of their facilities.


Ask your video team or hire a professional to edit your footage. Include high quality images, stock video, and your brand alements as needed.

Your advocates are the stars of your customer advocacy marketing program. Make them shine!

Content is everywhere. With just a few clicks we find countless ways to educate ourselves on the problem at hand. E-books and how-to guides. Analyst, influencer, and thought leader opinions. Product pictures and videos, data-sheets with features, comparison widgets, 3D tours and prices, trials and demos. Graphics, infographics, videos and magic quadrants. Even virtual reality. But none of those are as compelling as a story well told.

Download the guide and start producing remote video testimonials!

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