Share Your Success. Promote the Tech Your Business Adopted. Boost brand and career!

Share your implementation success to promote your business.

It’s true that customer references are of great benefit to brands. Word-of-mouth, public reviews, and success stories are much more valuable than traditional advertising.

But brands are not the only ones deriving benefits. This guide will provide insights, ideas, and practical steps for engaging your vendor and volunteering for reference activities that benefit YOU.

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If you are happy with your B2B purchase, enroll in your vendor's advocacy program today!
If you are a marketer, share this eBook with your customers to help them understand what's in it for them!

A good advocacy program should empower advocates to meet, network, support each other, be part of a community, boost their brand and develop their career.


This book is for all happy customers that never gave a testimonial or referral.


Referencing is still seen as a favor done to the vendor.  We can change that with these 8 reasons.


Engage your vendors, discuss your marketing and personal development goals, help them help you!

Download this eBook and share it with customers or colleagues!

Advocacy programs often rely on sales and customer success teams to provide reference nominations and customer health status updates, to recruit and to engage. It’s time we give advocates the power to share success, speak for themselves, to get educated in the “what’s in it for me” of providing testimonials, and to teach them how an advocacy program can promote their business, develop their career and change their life.

Download the "8 Reasons to Become a Brand Advocate" eBook

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