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Capitalize on Customer Delight to Power Your Sales and Marketing

Our team of marketing communication experts, researchers, writers, designers, and producers will help you recruit  advocates, capture their feedback, engage them in supporting activities and create content to showcase their success.

We Mix Skill and Magic So Your Advocates Shine​

Build your strategy with clearly defined program objectives, and an actionable plan that aligns your program goals to the wider goals of your organization. Working with our advocacy mavens to execute your action plan allows you to instantly tap into the resources of an experienced and skilled team, get some quick wins and accelerate stakeholder buy-in. Many companies have different executive sponsors, different budgets, and different processes for what they call different types of advocacy. but true value comes from adoption and alignment. Our tested framework will help you combine the benefits of Customer Advocacy and Employee Advocacy programs into an aligned process across the organization. 

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Enlist Your Customers

Program Strategy

Before launching or scaling your advocacy program it pays to set goals and determine the approach by which your program will achieve them. Quantifiable goals help with budget approvals and ensure stakeholder enthusiasm.

Tools and Software

Fueling every function of your business with advocates can take a lot of time and effort. The right recruitment and management tools can make your life easier, inspire your customers to join faster and nurture them to be more involved.

Knowledge Transfer

Success in customer advocacy requires a precise understanding of specific workflows, tactics, and methodologies. It also takes skill in cultivating relationships, reputations and trust. Inspired from customer success methodologies our coaching program is designed for advocate marketing professionals at any stage of their career and across any industry.

Community Management

Our skilled advocacy mavens complement your internal program managers in managing the customer community, engaging advocates in sales, marketing, product management, or fun campaigns, rewarding their participation and extracting relevant analytics that demonstrate the return on customer advocacy investment. If needed, we can fully outsource your program.

Advocate Recruitment

We leverage inbound practices to help you profile customers, discover potential advocates, educate them regarding the personal and the business benefits they can derive from participating in your program, and nurture them to become your extended sales force.

Internal Requests Fulfillment

Customer advocates and the feedback they provide bring value to sales, marketing,support, and product development. We help you prioritize internal requests and find the best ways to help your colleagues achieve their goals while avoiding reference burnout.

Content Creation

Our content strategists, designers, copywriters, and media producers can make your advocates shine in captivating content we can produce in more than 30 languages. We strive to optimize your budget by creating master content and then re-purposing it as needed.

Event Assistance

Everything you need from onsite advocates recruitment, running a day of customer interviews for future stories, a studio for video testimonials, filming of the conference, man-on-the street interviews, b-roll for future events, documentaries and even promo videos.

Packaged Retainers


7.500 eur / month
  • 2 days program strategy workshop
  • 1 Advocate persona and journey
  • Program datasheet and deck
  • 1 nurture flow for customers
  • 10h/wk program management
  • 12 customer case studies / year
  • Monthly milestone and KPI review


12.500 eur / month
  • 2 days program strategy workshop
  • 3 Advocate personas and journeys
  • Program datasheet, deck, video
  • 2 nurture flow for customers
  • 20h/wk program management
  • 18 customer case studies / year
  • 2/month milestone and KPI review


20.000 eur / month
  • 2 days program strategy workshop
  • 5 Advocate personas and journeys
  • Program datasheet, deck, video
  • 3 nurture flows for customers
  • full time program manager
  • 24 customer case studies / year
  • weekly program reviews

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Walk a Digital Mile in Your Customer's Shoes!

The goal of a customer advocacy program is to build a relationship with your brand advocates, capture their positive experience, and amplify their message to sell more products or services. But sometimes things that make sense from inside the program might look very different from the outside.

Do you know how your program looks in the eyes of your customers? Can they find avenues to educate themselves? Do they have information sources? Can they self enroll? Speak with an experienced advocacy maven to evaluate your customer advocacy program and learn what types of improvements you can undertake. 

Our advocacy mavens will review your website, program landing pages, advocacy content that you create, and any automation directed towards recruiting advocates. Then we will schedule a call and discuss practical ways to improve your program workflows and content.

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Global Experience

We are quick learners and adapt easily. We are resilient to working styles differences and grateful for the opportunity to connect, discuss, create and share best practices.

Inbound Certified

Attract more customers on your program page, convert them into advocates, nurture them into empowering your business and delight them with tailored rewards.

Process Oriented

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We follow tried methodologies for everything we create to save your time and energy. You receive status updates at every step.

Quick Turnaround

A dynamic advocacy program is often important for our customers to achieve good alignment with campaigns, events, or product launches. We prioritize accordingly.

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