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Brand programs often compete for audience attention and put out conflicting messages that confuse even the fiercest fans. We orchestrate fluid, logical, consistent experiences that lead to positive engagement and word-of-mouth.
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Experience research

We work with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders to discover and analyze their behavior, needs, and motivations. We can contribute context and insights to your program strategy, persona development, gamification, cross line-of-business program integrations and user journey design.

Touchpoint analysis

A touchpoint is any interaction that a user has with your brand. It's very helpful to review touchpoints before you build an advocacy or community program for customers or employees to better understand how members can be recruited and engaged effortlessly into the new program.

Journey architecture

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. A journey architecture excercise helps you create journey maps for each persona and program and bring them together into a condensed visual narrative of the relationship between people and processes.

Journey optimization

Sometimes community and advocacy programs grow organically inside organizations. But what worked at the inception is no longer working when the program scales. Take a look at your user journeys, pain points, and experience with fresh eyes before revamping your programs or optimizing them for scale.

Program integration

Customers are often asked to participate in various programs: usergroups, beta testing, feedback, social, loyalty, community, advocacy, events, advisory, and more. Often times these program roll up into differen lines of business and interactions are not tracked, leading to brand fatigue on behalf of the customer. That puts not only program participation at risk but sometimes even the relationship and contracted revenue. We help you map out programs across lines of business and create a consistent journey for your customers.

Gamification design

Gamified programs enrich and extend the interaction customers and employees have with your brand by promoting recurring participation. But points, badges, milestones, and leaderboards are not intrinsic motivators. They're only there to bring into awareness and support the achievement of goals and needs your members already have: learning, growing, prestige, belonging, contributing to something purposeful. We help you uncover those motivators and build gamified experiences that cheer on your audience into meeting their goals.

Our Pricing

We always issue a custom quote based on project complexity, but we like to lay the cards on the table so that you can do your own research without talking to sales or giving your email out. These rates are our starting point, let's talk!

Research and admin

$ 170 Per billable hour
  • User interviews and communication
  • Independent research / compiling data
  • Project management

Strategy and workshops

$ 250 Per billable hour
  • Experience mapping and workshops
  • Journey design and optimization
  • Analysis and visualization design

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