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Advocacy is About People and Stories

At the core of our business are the day-to-day professional heroes who are bold enough to experiment new technologies, drive progress for a better world, and create customer delighting enterprises. We make them shine with the help of our own professional heroes who interview people and companies, design amazing content and bring the best stories to light.

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Our Executive Team

Diana Gabroveanu CMO Author Profile Picture


Partner, CMO

Diana runs the creative and strategy team that gives our clients the fuel they need to start a new program. She has 15 years of customer advocacy experience - from program design and deployment to positioning strategies and community engagement. Diana is an inbound certified professional and Influitive certified consultant.

Markus Massisimo CEO Author Profile Picture


Founder, CEO

Markus runs the operational teams that enable our clients to implement their strategy and achieve consistency in executing their vision. His 30-years track record covers senior executive positions and entrepreneurship in the ITC industries. Markus speaks five languages fluently.

Meet Our Experts

ELENA Negrilă

Office Manager

With 12 years of office coordination experience, Elena handles our customer reference recruitment and content creation projects. She makes sure our international team of interviewers, writers and editors works closer than desk mates in an office.

Doina Negrilă


Doina is one of those rare people who glue a company together. She admins advocate hubs and builds communities. Throws a detail oriented eye on everything to ensure timely and high quality results, does graphic design and speaks Portuguese.



Advocacy Program Manager

Letitia manages advocate communities in Spanish and French. She applies structured methodologies to solve day-to-day problems, is a motivated self-starter, creative and imaginative, and focused on achieving results through continuous learning.

Teodora Chivu Advocacy Maven Program Manager

teodora chivu

Advocacy Program Manager

Creative writer and strategist with extensive knowledge of user experience, design thinking, and marketing development. Teodora manages English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian advocate communities.

Delia Lugojan Advocacy Maven Program Manager

Delia Lugojan

Advocacy Program Manager

Coming from a procurement background, Delia has vast experience in establishing business partnerships and driving internal buy-in. Fosters innovation and process alignment for Spanish and French program admins.

Oana Alecu Advocacy Maven Program Manager

Oana Alecu

Advocacy Program Manager

Oana deeply believes in the magic of self-improvement. She also holds the firm conviction there is always a solution waiting to be discovered for any challenge or roadblock. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.



marketing copywriter / editor

Ilana is an international writer with more than 10 years of experience. She speaks English, French, Latvian, Russian, and Spanish, studied linguistics and design; loves music and cinematography.

Andreea Andrei team pic


Growth Marketing Manager

Andreea is a world class fencer with a performance driven mindset. She creates marketing content, such as web copy, list builders, emails. Her words nurture prospects and create business growth every day.

Corina Moisescu Advocacy Maven



With background in programmatic buying and running paid media marketing campaigns, Corina helps us look at advocate engagement data across client programs and report on performance vs goals

sÉbastien pruna


With excellent understanding of technology, Sébastien interviews our clients' customers in English, French, Spanish and Italian and brings the soul of their story to life in creative briefs.

helmut landenberger


Helmut runs the content creation projects for our German audience. He interviews customers, writes case studies and runs all customer and stakeholder communications in the DACH region.



A former staffing manager for the IT sector, English and Czech speaking, Steve has an excellent grasp of how organizations use technology to meet business goals and is one of our most senior writers.

LEVENT Mertoğlu


Levent is responsible for delivering outstanding results to our clients’ Turkish customers. He manages all customer and stakeholder communications and ensures that our clients in Turkey are happy.

Sergey Savchenko

sergey savchenko


Sergey runs all communication with our clients’ Russian customers, from customer interviews to content localization, stakeholder communications and customer approvals.

ryszard glegola


Ryszard is responsible for handling our clients’ Polish customers. He delivers detailed interview briefs, manages stakeholder communication, and ensures the correctness and completeness of final content.



Robert brings a vast knowledge and experience in writing and video production to our team. Fluent in English, French, Spanish and German, he spends his time between Switzerland and Mexico.

Şerban Beldie


Şerban leverages the power of visual storytelling to dramatically increase brand awareness for our clients and their customers. He produces live event videos, remote productions, UGC editing, and animations.


developer & designer

A highly experienced and detail-oriented developer and designer, Achim runs our in-house ERP and produces all visual assets for our clients, since he knows their guidelines to the letter.

Begin Your Career with Us!

At Advocacy Maven, we create outstanding customer and employee advocacy programs and content for the world’s leading IT vendors. We work across the entire information technology stack and in more than 30 languages.

  • We sell services and solutions of the highest quality only. We strive for continuous innovation to stay ahead of the pack.
  • We protect our clients and their customers by serving the purpose they hired us for, the best we can.
  • We treat our clients, customers and partners with the utmost respect. We are easy to do business with.
  • We are hardworking, honest and humble but we are fierce competitors.  We speak with authority and well-researched poise.
  • We believe in entrepreneurial spirit throughout the team. Everyone can initiate, design, create and contribute.
  • We educate, empower and trust our staff yet keep them accountable for their actions and deadlines.
If this sound like the culture you want to be a part of, please let us know by applying to the openings below. We hire global, contract-based  staff, working remotely.
Fulltime / Part time

Technology Copywriters / Editors

We are always in search of technology journalists that can tell the story of a customer. We produce case studies, blogs, knowledge bases, support articles, press releases and other content.


Customer Project Managers

We are looking for talented project managers with a passion for technology to manage the advocacy programs of our customers. That can include advocacy hub admin, reference recruitment or project management for events.

Part time

Graphic Designers / Web Designers

Our customers produce copious amounts of content: social media graphics, html infographics, datasheets, brochures, eBooks. We are looking for designers that work well in a team with our copywriters for impeccable results.


Virtual Assistant / Admin / Intern

We sometimes need help pushing through busy periods. If you are interested in part-time work or want your first internship, send us a skill summary and we could be in touch soon.

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