The Human Heartbeat of Customer Centricity

May 15, 2024

Customer centricity is a strategic imperative in modern business and goes beyond the realm of technology. Explore why customer centricity is not solely about having the right technology, but also about the human changes needed to create lasting relationships and sustainable success.

The human heartbeat of customer centricity
The human heartbeat of customer centricity

This is an infographic by Ole Goehring, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition.

The Advocacy Mavens Coalition is an association of open for contracting customer-led professionals, each with extensive industry experience. We’re experts in building advocacy and community programs, designing experiences, running advisory boards, creating content, managing and migrating platforms, and more.

Our members are experienced advocacy marketing strategists, community and customer success managers, educators, designers, video producers, analysts, and technical consultants. Whatever your program goals, this coalition has you covered!

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