Video Testimonials Production Software: A Marketer’s Perspective

Almost every business today relies on the efficient promotion of its product or services. We know, content is king. And one of the most relevant and entertaining content formats is, without a doubt, video marketing.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by Wyzowl reveals that 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Video testimonials are particularly well performing for brands. However, creating them requires filming equipment and post-production tools. And depending on your team’s budget, the post-production process can happen in-house.

In this blog post, we’ll touch on some of the best video editing tools that you can use to create brand awareness. Some of these are paid platforms, others are open source programs. But what they all have in common is a wide range of features that can help you tell the stories that your audience wants to hear, share the solutions to the problems they want to solve, and even convince them to make a purchase.

From complex software used in filmography to video editing tools for beginners, here are our top 10 recommendations. We hope at least one of these will fit your skill level and purpose and help you edit your videos efficiently.

Hollywood-Level Video Production Software for Pros

Avid Media Composer is one of the industry’s leading professional video editing and finishing software and the gold standard for the film and television industry. It can be used as a standalone software, or the user can add specific external devices, either from Avid or a third party.

Some of its most notable features include advanced color-correction, built-in metadata and effect tools, HDR support, multicam editing, Frame Flex, keyboard mapping, background rendering, and real-time editing. Its easiness of use and the fact that it meets almost all the requirements of a professional video editor reinforce its image as a respected video marketing software.

Taking into consideration that this is a robust software, it does come with quite a steep learning curve. However, learning how to use Avid Media Composer will help you navigate other video tools with ease, serving as a strong foundation for your video editing career.

There are currently four plans for this software:

  • Media Composer First – a free, and excellent for learning version
  • Media Composer – $23.99 per month, the standard for independent editors
  • Media Composer Ultimate – $49.99 per month – excellent for team collaboration
  • Media Composer Enterprise – a version for larger teams;  contact sales for a quotation

Lightworks was used to edit some high-profile movies including The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, The King’s Speech, Pulp Fiction and many more. After such introduction, it’s easy to grasp the power of this tool and how it can perform on a professional level.

Like its previous counterparts, Lightworks possesses an array of features that can transform your video with just a few mouse clicks. Advanced capabilities like easy timeline editing and trimming, a large library of royalty-free audio and video content, and the ability to easily export your video to video sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo in standard definition, high definition, or in 4K, make it the perfect choice of a video editing tool.

However, it comes with a learning curve and using it to its full power does require some technical background.

  • The feature rich FREE plan includes a friendly easy-to-use interface, access to royalty-free videos and audio footage.
  • In the paid version of Lightworks there are no restraints to the size and format of the export. It is also very affordable for $19.99 per month, $134.99 per year or $337.99 for a lifetime license.

The software runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux and uses minimal resources, requiring only 200 MB of storage space and 3GB RAM.

Professional Software for Video Producers

Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading editing suite that incorporates most of the much-needed features of the video editing process. It serves as a reference for other popular video editing solutions as it’s one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools for video editing and post-production.

Adobe Premiere Pro contains a variety of functions and capabilities including color grade adjustment, audio, effects, motion graphics, and so much more. The program allows expert editing with extreme precision that adds a professional and polished look to your video and has a very easy-to-use interface.

Additionally, it offers the ability to process various video format and sync settings through the Adobe Creative Cloud, making the editing workflow simple. It’s one of the best options for creating and editing videos like a pro.

Adobe Premiere has a vibrant network of apps and integrations which make it the ultimate video editing powerhouse enabling unique usability opportunities for its users.

Behind the tool, there’s a robust online support community thanks to their millions of subscribers who contribute to a library of answers and solutions for any questions related to the software.

The subscription model offers one-month free trial. The prices range from $20,99/month if paid annually to $31.49/month if paid monthly and $239.88 for the annual prepaid plan.

This versatile yet advanced video editing tool follows the cloud-based subscription model which implies automatic updates so that you’re constantly getting the most out of the software.

Final Cut Pro is a standard for post-production and video editing on Mac OS X. Acquired by Apple in 1998, it provides a powerful platform with impressive tools for both beginners and video professionals, offering the cutting-edge quality and support of the before mentioned tech mogul.

It’s a must-have video editing software for Mac that gets richer and more innovative with every update. The blend between the complex hardware and software makes the video editing process quick and flawless.

It supports RAW formats, 360-degree and HDR footage, features 3D effects, includes Mac Touch Bar support, and has over 100 video and audio effects.

Final Cut Pro also has incorporated some unique effects, motion graphics, filters, and augmentation instruments. It supports the delivery of your video files directly to your Apple devices, online video sites, or through Blu-ray and DVDs. Like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro has an impressive ecosystem of third-party plug-ins, tools, content and devices you can integrate.

For easy collaboration and sharing, the software allows you to upload and download footage from the cloud and media websites.

As far as pricing goes, if you want to take it for a spin before committing to a significant purchase, Final Cut offers a 30-day-trial to decide whether the software suits your needs before the one-time payment of $299.

Intermediate Video Editing Software for Geeky Marketers

Filmora is widely used around the world of video marketing. Some of its most notable features include the ability to use the split screen function which can help you work on multiple footages at the same time. Due to its highly integrated social media features, you can directly share your videos on major social networks. Regarding sound enhancement, Filmora’s attributes allow you to equalize audio, get rid of environmental noise, and conduct keyframing.

Apart from simple video editing, Filmora is a great tool for advanced editors as well, supporting features suitable for layering clips, including green screen capabilities for background changes that add some extra authenticity to the video. It also supports the import of more than one footage and uses up to 100 layers of multimedia resources.

Filmora gives you the options to adjust color, brightness, speed levels as well as play with rotation. You will find lots of video improvement in Filmora’s library, related to background, music, filters, overlays, custom titles, transitions and other effects.

The software supports a robust functionality for editing text which allows you to change the style of the font as well as its size, colors, borders, and alter some clip fragments to include subtitles.

Filmora is supported by Windows and Mac devices, while the mobile version of the app FilmoraGo works for for both iOS and Android devices.

In the free version of the tool a watermark is automatically added to your videos. But you can get rid of it by upgrading to one of their paid plans Filmora9 or Filmora Pro. Both of them offer versatile pricing plans starting at $39.99 per year that offers you access to free updates, all the features, and free tech support for obtaining the best results through keeping the quality of your videos at a high level.

6. Shotcut

Shotcut offers a free, open source, and cross-platform alternative to the more popular yet higher-priced video editing apps. Available for Linux, macOS, and Windows and supporting up to 8 languages, Shotcut stands out among other tools, through its crowded yet easy-to-use interface. Its various available features include wide format support, 4K resolution, audio blending, video composing, keyframes, HTML5, as well as color grading, speed and reverse effects.

If you are just beginning a career in video editing, Shotcut is a good choice as there are plenty of active community members and resources online to learn.

Shotcut’s impressive range of capabilitiesare available at virtually no cost to users willing to explore the software in all of its nuances.

Basic and Free Video Production Tools for Beginners

Windows Video Editor, Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker was another great freeware video editing instrument from Microsoft, initially included in the 2012 Windows Essentials package. Previously compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10, the app is now no longer available for download.

Instead, the latest version of the Photos app in Windows 10 has a built-in video editor that works a lot like the Movie Maker and supports the creation and editing of videos just as well through various features including text, 3D and music effects, motions and filters.

Out of all of this app’s benefits, perhaps the program’s most notable one is the intuitive interface that enables beginners to ramp up quickly.  It’s also a good choice for applying special effects, sounds, captions, and transitions as it seems incredibly useful for many of the functions required for a video editing app.

The app’ s functionalities are as simple and easy as importing files through drag and dropping, arranging them into a storyboard, trimming them and applying all kinds of filters to give the footage an entire new look.

Once the users are happy with the clip, they can also add some background music, which interestingly adjusts itself according to the length of the video.

OpenShot Video Editor is one of the best free, open-source, and user-friendly video editors currently available for Linux, macOS and Windows. Due to its wide range of features that are similar to some of the highest-priced software on the market, it can transform your footage with just a few clicks. From background music, animations and keyframes, to incorporating titles and subtitles, video and time effects, even making 3D animations, Openshot has gained for itself a high number of positive reviews.

To use Openshot and import a clip, all it takes is a simple drag and drop. A beginner video editor will appreciate the transitions, overlays, watermarks, and rotoscoping support that comes with it. Options to copy, paste, fade, animate, rotate or slice the clip are also available.

The award-winning program uses codecs that are supported by FFmpeg, which means it can support various types of video, audio, and image formats, including mp3, aac, Blu-ray, DVD video, full HD videos and MPEG4.

Community-Powered Video Collaboration Platforms

One of our personal favorites, Sauce offers a seamless cloud-based solution for your team and clients to collaborate on creating authentic videos by using smartphones or web cameras in just a few easy steps. To create a video project all you need is a brief that describes the type of content required before inviting collaborators to capture, upload and submit their clips.

Once the footage comes in, you have the option to use the award-winning in-app editor or download it and use a third-party software to make the necessary changes. Sauce integrates into Adobe’s Creative Cloud which allows professional video editors to use Sauce with Adobe for fast and seamless editing.

The in-app video testimonial editing includes features for adding branded footage, transition elements, and background music. Sauce also sends notifications to contributors when a new footage is ready for review and there is an option for teammates to collaborate.

The platform is a game changer in video production as it simplifies the process of gathering video testimonials from more than one customer, making it easy and affordable. Thanks to their AI driven editing tools that can automate complex and time-consuming video production processes, your business can keep up with the most demanding editorial calendar without travel or onsite cams

Sauce currently supports iOS, Android and Web app And you can take it on a spin with a free trial before purchasing.

Just like Sauce, Boast is a great easy-to use video testimonial app that allows users to collect, edit and showcase user-generated content in video format. While it’s primarily aimed towards gathering client testimonials, it also works great for capturing video content for your company not just for your customers. Once a video is uploaded, thanks to the features available, you can review, edit, and approve the video, eventually displaying it on your platform of choice by making use of the integrations and widgets.

Both for the back end and the client-facing side, Boast is user-friendly and has the added benefit of supporting videos recorded by phone, through a webcam or uploading a pre-recorded video. Boast is available on iOS, Android and Web app. Its pricing starts at $16 per month. There is no free version included, but Boast does come with a free trial.

Video Production Software Operated by Others

Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal. And if you want to make an impact on your audience, a good start would be to have the best software in your toolkit. Whether you’re a novice, or an expert in video marketing and editing, I believe these tools will help you get the most out of your footage.

Yet, as more marketers use video and your industry become overcrowded with similar content, differentiating your organization can become difficult. So, if you prefer to focus on the core aspects of your marketing while professionals create your high-quality video testimonials, you might want to consider hiring an agency.

Whether it’s scripting, shooting or editing, a professional video creation team can fully support your needs. Many agencies with experience—Advocacy Maven included—offer professional video services using some of the tools mentioned above.

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