What Are Customer Testimonial Videos and Where to Use Them?

In today’s fast-paced, busy and digitally dependent world, brands are constantly competing over producing quality content that cuts through the noise, stands out and entertains.

But with human attention span shortening over decades, it becomes critical for content to also be immediately relatable.  Customer testimonial videos are a great way to capture the attention of your target audience in a fun and interactive manner, that respects their time and reduces bounce rate.  

What is a customer testimonial?

In short, customer testimonials are personal opinions formed by the happy customers that demonstrate how a certain product or service has helped them to overcome a problem. As opposed to a company making a claim that their product is an absolute best among others, customers’ opinions hold a lot of power in the eyes of potential buyers, serving as a third-party validation and social proof.

When a potential customer becomes aware of someone who’s satisfied with using your product or service, that happiness also reflects on him, since mirror neurons activate in the brain making us crave the same experience and outcome.

By adding visuals and a storyline, your testimonials will seem more human as well as help future potential customers get to the bottom of the funnel faster. That happens because the information in videos is compact, transmitted faster than text, hence easier absorbed by the audience.

Before you start map out your goals

Besides great content and high-resolution visuals, if your customer isn’t telling a valuable story in a natural and relaxed way that appeals to your audience’s interests, the viewers won’t feel themselves as a part of a conversation and the video won’t get much traction. To achieve that, effective customer testimonial videos should not only be about creating and sharing them, but also about connecting with the audience and getting their undivided attention. 

So what makes a customer testimonial video great?

Businesses use customer testimonial videos to build trust, create an unusual content and help customers in their consideration phase to progress to the decision stage. What will set you apart from the competition is a great, unique story that builds rapport with your customers, by showing relevance, empathy and creating an emotional connection with the viewers. 

Stories are the most powerful form of communication. The human brain is hardwired to listen to narratives, relate to them and get closure. But the most valuable part of a customer testimonial video is getting your clients to be natural and comfortable when speaking about your product and company. That will help to appeal to your customers and get them excited about your product. 

By creating your customer testimonial videos, you should:  

  • Be authentic, personal and relevant 
  • Not be overly promotional – make your customer the hero 
  • Have a clear, relatable problem/solution narrative 

Your product or services will shine, and your video will leave a good impression on your viewers. 

And why they must be part of your marketing strategy!

Today’s customers trust ads less, so letting your customers speak on your behalf can make a huge difference in how your brand and the message you want to send across are perceived. Like the author of Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and PersuadeRobert Cialdini says: “it’s not just that people want to deal with someone they like. It’s that they want to deal with someone who likes them, and who is like them, people trust that those who like them won’t steer them wrong.” 

It’s one thing to emphasize the features of your product or service through an advertisement, but it’s different and more believable when you are letting people in on your customers’ experiences, showing how your product improved their lives.  

People buy from other people, not from companies, even in B2B. That makes customer testimonial videos one of the best tools to convince potential customers to buy your product or service by demonstrating them why. 

Here are more reasons why you should consider incorporating customer testimonial videos into your marketing strategy, if you haven’t already:  

When, how, and where should you use the testimonial videos?

Typically, customer testimonial videos are about a product’s features and benefits. This type of interaction with the company’s employees serve as an objective before-and-after opinion for the potential customers. Depending on what action you want your clients to take, the customer testimonial videos could be embedded right before the call-to-action.  

Another great place to add customer testimonial videos is your website. They would also work great as a supporting marketing material for your sales reps, giving customers one last argument towards converting. 

Using social media is another great strategy to leverage user-generated video content and put your customers in the spotlight even if it’s considered top of the funnel. 

By transforming the videos into teasers and sharing them across social networks allows raising awareness on your new marketing initiative while bringing “bottom of the funnel” customers to click on the video and watch it till the end, laying a solid foundation for a lead to convert into customer. 

User-generated, how does that work?

User-generated video content is a relatively new concept that describes content created by a non-professional. We’re at an exciting time where smartphone video capture, editing and collaboration is easier than ever, empowering teams to create video stories with customers at a global scale. As opposed to professional videos that are very expensive, sometimes overly scripted, featuring highly influential people who are paid to endorse the products or service, user-generated video testimonials are more straightforward, cost-effective and honest.

Here are some benefits of user generated video content:

Due to success of the user-generated videos, customer testimonial videos can be recorded in a more natural environment, for example at home or at the office, with more accessible equipment like a webcam, smartphone or tablet. That means reduced costs for your marketing team. To your audience, this translates into real, personal and difficult to fabricate video content that sends across a powerful message about your brand’s integrity and reliability which eventually leads to influencing buying decisions, according to Hubspot 

Video testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing instruments these days. They meet all the requirements for great marketing, i.e., they tell a story, showcase your products’ benefits, and they answer key questions other potential customers might find useful. There are very few other types of marketing materials that serve so many purposes. And since it’s so easy to get started on video testimonials, you’re only missing out by delaying the adoption of customer testimonial videos. 

Taking on your first video testimonial project can be intimidating, but with the right support, you’ll succeed. At Advocacy Maven, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge about customer testimonial video strategy and we can help you take your video marketing efforts to the next level.

What do you think about this?

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