Embracing Communities and Advocacy over Marketing Automation: Why Communities and Advocacy Outshine Automated Nurturing

May 21, 2024

A big shift is taking place from prospect nurturing via marketing automation to the nurturing of communities, since purchasing behaviors have changed drastically. Let’s explore how a more human-centric approach can not only transform your marketing strategy but also deepen the relationships with your audience.

Embracing communities and advocacy over marketing automation: Why communities and advocacy outshine automated nurturing

This is an infographic by Diana Gabroveanu, founder of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition.

The Advocacy Mavens Coalition is an association of open for contracting customer-led professionals, each with extensive industry experience. We’re experts in building advocacy and community programs, designing experiences, running advisory boards, creating content, managing and migrating platforms, and more.

Our members are experienced advocacy marketing strategists, community and customer success managers, educators, designers, video producers, analysts, and technical consultants. Whatever your program goals, this coalition has you covered!

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