Will B2B Buyers Trust AI Generated Case Studies?

July 1, 2024

Unpicking the message customer marketers send to vendors and their customers when they’ve invested resources and customer goodwill in a case study which is then delivered by AI. What are the potential upsides of leveraging AI to turn original case studies into atomized content?

As we hurtle through 2024, the enterprise technology space feels like an AI-themed sitcom episode. Everyone is racing to release the next big thing in generative AI, and stock values are skyrocketing faster than you can say “ChatGPT.” Even marketers are getting in on the action, wisely heeding Professor Scott Galloway’s warning: “AI isn’t going to take your job. Somebody who understands AI is going to take your job. So, you better get good at it.”

But what does “getting good at AI” mean for customer marketers and the production of B2B case studies? At first glance, AI seems like a magic wand sprinkling efficiency, consistency, and savings all over the place. However, seasoned practitioners know better. They recognize the pitfalls of AI-generated case studies: lack of deep industry knowledge, inauthentic customer voices, data interpretation hiccups, and dependence on pristine prompts. These are enough to make any serious case study program manager break out in a cold sweat.

The biggest red flag, though? Trustworthiness. B2B buyers crave authentic, trustworthy customer evidence. Case studies, cited by 62% of B2B tech buyers as crucial in purchase decisions, are all about trusting real-world peers. Social proof in the form of independent, authentic customer voices like reviews, case studies, talks, and community forums offer the kind of honest experiences and opinions that buyers value most. This authenticity can’t be faked, no matter how advanced the AI.

Customer marketers cherish their customers, building relationships and communities rooted in mutual trust and shared value. These relationships often blossom into real friendships, nurtured with care and personal attention. Handing this over to an AI, or an outside agency relying on AI, is like asking a robot to host a cocktail party—it might serve the drinks, but it doesn’t get the jokes or understand the nuances of a good gossip.

While we know what AI can’t do: generate highly credible original customer content in authentic customer voices, understand the nuances of individual businesses and use cases, or adequately communicate complex transformations, that’s not to say AI doesn’t have a place in customer marketing. When used smartly, AI can help transform original customer stories into a treasure trove of atomized content targeted at specific audiences and touchpoints. As AI models evolve, we might see them offering ad-hoc personalization by persona and stage of the buyer journey.

So, while AI can’t replace customer marketers in creating authentic customer stories, it can certainly be the trusty sidekick. Think of AI as the Alfred to your Batman—helping behind the scenes, but never stealing the spotlight. Even in the age of AI, it’s the human touch and authentic voices that truly make case studies our most trusted assets.

AI has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of customer marketing, but it’s the synergy between AI and human expertise that will ultimately give us the edge. As we navigate through the AI hype, let’s embrace the technology for what it can offer, but never lose sight of the irreplaceable value of authentic human storytelling and the trust it inspires.

Will B2B buyers trust AI generated case studies?

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